Pegasus Lighting has been a recognized and accredited consulting and supply company in the Lighting Industry since 1999. In realising the environmental impact of existing lighting technology, we strive  to consult and provide our clients with  more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Experts in the field of illumination, Pegasus Lighting applies its knowledge and expertise to ensure that the right illumination concepts are used to enhance all types of Commercial, Industrial and Residential projects i.e. residences, fac¬tories, offices, restaurants, lodges, etc.

Offering free on-site consultation and delivery in Gauteng, we provide a personalised service to all our clients – from problem-solving to excellent after sales service. Working within the client’s budget constraints, Pegasus Lighting achieves illumination results that reflect quality, aesthetics and functionality.



To continually push the boundaries of lighting excellence and be one of the frontrunners in the lighting space in Southern Africa.





To deliver our products with a high standard of service, keeping abreast of the latest technology through continual research and education, and to be renowned for superb after sales service.






Pegasus Lighting is the leading supplier of LED lights in Gauteng.  We have been experts in the field of illumination since our inception in 1999.  We provide the most efficient and cost-effective energy saving solutions in the illumination field.  We also offer free on-site consultations and deliveries in Gauteng.  Our services are highly personalised and customised to meet each of our client’s specific needs.  The Pegasus Lighting team prides itself on having extensive knowledge and expertise in the lighting industry.  This unparalleled experience ensures that we are able to enhance the interior and exterior of any and every building.  We apply the use of correct illumination concepts to reach results that exceed expectations.  Pegasus Lighting keeps up to date with current trends in the lighting and illumination fields.  We have the know-how to achieve illumination results that reflect quality aesthetics and functionality.




Our clients are our number one priority and we strive to achieve customer satisfaction through excellent service and high quality products.  We provide a personalised service to all of our clients, working within each client’s budget constraints andmaking sure that all individual requirements are met effectively.  Our expert team will advise our clients and guide them on the path to lighting perfection.  No matter a client’s style or aesthetic taste, we have the lighting solution to bring any home or office to life.  It is our hands-on service that has gained us long lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.  It is due to our close attention to detail and product excellence that we continue to flourish as a leader in the LED lighting and energy saving lighting industry.




Energy saving light bulbs and LED lights are a much more cost-effective option for lighting a home or office space, so we encourage implementing LED light bulbs in all offices andhomes.  Another benefit of LED lights is the fact that they do not impact our fragile environment.  LEDs are an economically sustainable and eco-friendly lighting option.

The environmental benefits of LED lighting are simply unbeatable.  This form of lighting utilises 50% to 90% less energy than that of traditional lighting.  This form of lighting is also non-toxic, unlike Compact Fluorescent Lighting or CFL which contains traces of mercury.  This lighting solution will help you reduce your carbon fibre footprint and in turn, brighten up any home, building or office.

Some of the LED lighting products that we offer include:

  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Downlights
  • LED Blast Proof Lights
  • LED Tunnel Lights
  • LED High Bay Lights
  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Candles